Bracelet - Goldstone Chip Bracelet

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Goldstone Chip Bracelet

Goldstone is an amazing attractor of spirits and spiritual beings. It is beautiful, never has any negative energy, is made of natural materials - silicon and oxygen like Quartz and it sparkles in every dimension.

One great use we have is to use them in a grid in the Spirit Stone ring. If you are just seeking spiritual help but not calling on a specific goddess or spirit they are perfect.

We also use them in healing - not for their healing energy but as a delight for the senses during a session. We give our clients a few to hold and "play with". They seem to just brighten the spirit. As such they are often said to be talismans of happiness and cheerfulness.

In a word, Goldstone is the "smile" of the crystal world. There is magic there but it is an innocent, non-denominational, beautiful kind of magic.

Try just carrying a few. Give one away when someone asks what it is and admires it. Tell them it is a Goldstone - a wonderful smile maker that works on everyone to make a bit of their day sparkle.