The Stone of Spiritual Elevation. Moldavite, a meteorite that hit the earth millions of years ago is rarer than diamonds. It is much sought after, not only for its beauty but the incredibly high vibrations that it gives off. When this meteorite hit the earth, it created something otherworldly. The infusion of earthly and heavenly frequencies can be felt like a volt-like energy when you hold these rare, high vibration stones. It can trigger healing on all areas of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Just holding a piece of Moldavite, even for a just a second, can influence one to experience a dramatic transformation. Moldavite connects one to their higher-self, which will unleash new perceptions, illuminates new spiritual paths, brings about new awareness, grants one with a new knowing, puts one through self-healing and channels cosmic communication. Each genuine, one-of a kind piece was previously hand selected and held just for you until this very moment. A most have for any crystal aficionado, allow yourself to carry/wear and experience this very rare and mined out unique gift from the stars.