Private Sessions w/ Jamar


We are so happy to have you here with us.  Please join Jamar; a certified Kripalu yoga instructor; Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner;  Meditation teacher and Life-Support facilitator, Emergence Breathe Founder, and Pranic Healer; at the Jamar Enlightenment Center.  After thirty years on his own spiritual path, Jamar and his staff are happy to support you in your life, sharing their strength and experience with you, your family, friends and community.  The Center is a peaceful place to explore yoga, meditation, enlightenment techniques, energy work, Emergence Breath,  as well as an ever-expanding menu of classes and modalities.  Let the Center be an oasis, allowing you to experience who you are at your core and to find that peaceful place of stillness within.  Join us for a wondrous experience— finding YOU!

Our Mission Statement:

Growing a conscious, safe community that invites an adventurous, authentic exploration of Truth and Self.

Private Sessions: 
Mondays & Fridays 10:30AM - 3PM (Call for additional days) - You May Mix and Match 

At The Center: 

  • 60 Minute Session $125
  • Buy ten (10) and pay only $115 Each!
  • 90 Minute Session $175
  • Buy five (5) and pay only $160 Each!
  • $30 for each additional person per hour.

At Your Home:

  • 60 Minute Session $145
  • Buy ten (10) and pay only $135 Each!
  • 90 Minute Session $200
  • Buy five (5) and pay only $185.00 Each!
  • $30 for each additional person per hour.

Emergence Breath Session

One On One Modalities

Private Yoga

Receive one-on-one personal attention in a posture flow that is tailored to your individual needs and desires. Take your practice to the next level with hands on assistance. Learn to hold your posture longer with support or as a customized workout. 1 or 1.5 Hour                          

Energy Work/Pranic Healing

This is an ancient healing technique using the power of your own intention, as well as the practitioner as a channel, to direct energy and life-force toward blocks or imbalances in your body/mind.   Pranic healing facilitates healing, increases vitality, reduces stress and brings well-being, peace, relaxation and personal growth.  Learn to perceive your own energy field as a means of enhancing self-care and awaken yourself to new levels of self-healing and spiritual growth.  Sessions include discussion of what areas you would like to be supported in with your life and body.  Starting with gentle assisted stretching, followed by an overall energetic assessment, culminating in channeling of energy to specific areas of imbalance, and close with suggestions for practical application into your life. 1 Hour

Emergence Breath

Discover the incredible healing power of your own breath. Give the body everything it needs to maintain optimum health and vitality. Experience the physical, mental, and emotional lifegiving benefits of a conscious connected Emergence Breath. This deeply moving process helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or sabotaging behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of peace, passion, and joy! 1.5 Hours

Life-Support/Spiritual Counseling

Receive one-on-one attention and support in those ever-changing, day-to-day situations we call “life”. Learn to integrate these experiences in a natural, safe and caring environment. Work through challenges in work, health and relationships with Self and others. Achieve spiritual growth through identifying areas where you are “stuck” (that which keeps you from enjoying/achieving inner peace and harmony), and then learn how to release or shift this  belief system. Let yourself be supported! 1 Hour

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Empowering you to find your own inner healer, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy will guide you back to your inner resources.  Based on the  belief that true healing takes place from the inside-out, this therapy combines the ancient science of yoga with elements of contemporary body and mind psychology. You will move into carefully selected yoga postures with the support of your PRYT practitioner.  Here, with your awareness focused on the sensations in your body (mental, physical and emotional, you will enter into dialogue, listening with compassion and awareness to the wisdom of your body, align your internal with your external. 1.5 Hours.


Call us to schedule your Private Session with Jamar (561) 630 2280