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Transformational Breath® Seminar

SPECIAL EVENT ANNOUCEMENT A Transformational Breath® Personal Seminar w/Jamar, Senior TBR Trainer   June 7th -12th, 2020

There has never been a better time for this life-changing journey…and there is nothing more powerful than your own breath for facilitating that change. 95% of participants declare it is the most powerful thing they have ever experienced. The shifts and clearing that occur naturally as you raise your vibration become permanent. So, we are excited to bring the Transformational Breath® Foundation’s Personal Seminar back again this summer. During this Seminar, you’ll be presented with the finest tools, transformational skills and techniques to facilitate your rapid realization of higher states of consciousness and reduced stress, clear stress, heal the body, mind, and  spirit, expand what is possible, and clear and integrate your history. 

Experience a week like no other!

New Early Registration Discount

Cost $1500 or $1425 by 5/22 or $1350 by 5/8 Payment Plans Available!