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Looking for accurate psychic readings in West Palm Beach?

Psychic Readings

Are you looking for guidance? Advice? Our experienced team of psychics, mediums, and intuitive oracle readers provide personalized guidance on love, money, business, and more.

Join us at our monthly psychic fair for divine guidance from your spirit guides and angels. Book your appointment today.

We accept no same-day cancellations of any scheduled private appointments. Absolutely no refunds of Psychic Readings. Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only. We make no claims to the accuracy or validity of the information presented.

Psychic Readings


Aileen Olson

(Psychic Fair only)

Aileen has been connected with her guides and ancestors since she was a child. She started reading Tarot cards as a teenager and has apprenticed with spiritual masters to hone her abilities, studying with THEO who also taught Esther Hicks. Aileen is a medium, reiki master, empath and psychic intuitive, communicating with guides, ascended masters and other higher vibrational beings to answer your questions and bring clarity to your life.

Ashley Villanueva


Ashley comes from a long line of gifted women and has always been drawn to divination through the ancient wisdom of oracle cards. As a psychic intuitive, she uses her oracle cards to connect and relay messages from spirit to help guide others in their life's journey. Her messages are honest and insightful while being delivered in a loving manner.

Cinthya Love Bieluch

(IN-PERSON & bilingual) or PHONE CALL

Cinthya was born with a natural intuitive psychic ability that has allowed her to communicate with the spirit world. She has used this gift to bring healing into her clients’ lives. Her desire to serve and help people gave her the inspiration to earn the Integrated Energy Medicine (IEM) certification. She consults with healers, entrepreneurs, and holistic workers to create a community guided to assist in the integration of holistic healing and western medicine. Cinthya speaks both English and Spanish.

Countess Nadia Starella

She is a visionary, clairvoyant, international celebrity, and TV/radio star who shares profound messages wrapped up in mirth. She is an enlightenment facilitator, romance counselor, and charismatic speaker.

Donna Kuebler


Donna is a multi-dimensional healer who draws upon many mystery schools in order to restore you back to wholeness. She is available for  Oracle Readings, Shamanic Work, Crystal & Sound Healing, Reiki, Aura Clearings and Karma Cleaning (designed to address past-life issues, entity attachments, or curses). She does private sessions with custom tuning forks for Chakra Balancing or Angelic Healing to reinform your DNA. Donna is a Reiki Master, Akashic Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek. 

Mary Ellen Collins

(IN-PERSON & Psychic Fair) or PHONE CALL

Mary Ellen is an intuitive and a professionally certified tarot reader, crystal diviner and astrologist who has been reading and teaching tarot and crystal oracle classes for over 10 years. She specializes in using the cards and crystals to read the energy patterns in the field of probability. During your reading, you will partner with her for guidance from your own higher self as manifested through the cards or crystals in order to gain clarity and focus for the events in your life.

Michelle Barrie

(Psychic Fair only)

Michelle is a Spiritual Teacher and Cartomancer with over 15 years of experience in sharing her knowledge and gifts with the public. She began experiencing the paranormal as a child and since then dedicated her life to mastering and exploring many forms of divination and energy healing. Her most beloved medium is Lenormand, the 36-card divination system originally created in Germany in 1799, known for its simplicity, accuracy, and clear messages.

Karin Maynard Eberly


Karin is an Angel Intuitive, certified Crystal Energy Therapist and certified Oracle, Angel Guide, and Angel Tarot Reader. She connects to Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to bring you insights, tools, answers, and messages she receives from your spiritual helpers. With over 35 years of experience reading Tarot and studying metaphysics, Karin has a diversified background in all things mystical. You will leave feeling inspired and uplifted.