Amethyst Point

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6" x 5 1/2" x 6"

5.2 lbs


This magnificent crystal works primarily in our Crown Chakras to help us gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and within us. Its main goal is to move you away from a fear-based life and help you fall into a cosmic dance with the resilience of your spirit. This joyous and intelligent crystal brings about a great sense of peace and understanding of why some change is necessary for your divine blueprint, helping one push past difficult transitions. Amethyst is one of the most multi-faceted crystals available to us. It’s very useful in enhancing visualization skills in meditation and in reaching higher states of consciousness. It also vibrates at such a high velocity that it has the ability to magnify the strength of other crystals around it.

Amethysts' potent energy is a great companion to have around while detoxing emotionally or physically. It works to keep you in touch with what’s best for you on your path and works to combat unwanted entities of energy that try to exist in the body. When used in crystal healing it can offer its user a great deal of insight into one’s life by guiding them into a deeper understanding of the cause and effect of both negative and positive thoughts and actions.

Many use this crystal by their bedside for a good night’s rest. I find Amethyst to be especially useful in my dream states, helping me gain a deeper understanding of my life from the inside out. Amethyst has been my astral travel guide on many occasions to help me clearly interpret my dreams by drawing connections to common themes and environments of a parallel state within my subconscious.

Not only is this Amethyst a wonderful mate for astral travel but for physical travel as well. If you often experience uncomfortable feelings associated with separation anxiety (ex. leaving the home or loved ones) and are on the road traveling, this is a great crystal to keep by your side. It works within our auric fields to help us consciously move away from feelings of fear, anxiety, and grief and replacing those feelings with strength and a deeper trust in the universe's grand plan.


Source: Familiar Scent