Our Staff & Presenters


Jamar is the owner and Spiritual Director of The Jamar Enlightenment Center located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

He is the Creator of the Emergence Breath Method, a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner, Meditation teacher, Life-Support facilitator, Certified Rebirthed, Pranic Healer, and Enlightenment Master. His spiritual quest encompasses over 34+ years of experience in the self-help field and was the natural evolution of his own inner search for Truth. He has taught over 10,000 yoga classes and facilitated another 3,000 workshops, events, and retreats. He brings a contagious enthusiasm and love for the gift of yoga and conscious breathing, sharing it as a way to connect with your Higher Self.  He supports all that have a desire to wake up and have a direct experience of the Truth for themselves.

Our Staff Members:

  • Rachel C. - Program Director
  • Michelle D. - Social Media Coordinator
  • Domynyque M. - Sales Representative
  • Cameron D. - Merchandiser
  • Lori M. - Sales Representative

Our Presenters:

Donna Kuebler

Donna Kuebler is a multi-dimensional healer who draws upon many mystery schools in order to restore you back into wholeness.  When you work with Donna you will leave different than when you arrived; more clear, settled, lighter and infused with grace. Oracle Readings, Shamanic Work, Sound Healing, Crystal Technology,  Reiki and Karma Cleaning (designed to address past life issues and curses) are a few of the systems you may encounter when working with her.  She is also a Reiki Master, Akashic Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek.  

Janet Desaulniers

Janet Desaulniers is a hypnotist, life coach, energy worker, and channeler. She is an expert in the Law of Attraction and has been teaching LOA for several years in various venues such as wellness centers, local colleges, holistic expos, as a featured guest on radio programs, and in her home/office outside of Boston and in Melbourne, FL since 2015. Additionally, Janet spent a full year channeling Mother Mary in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, while facilitating channelings for Mother Mary in private and public venues. Janet recently moved to the North Palm Beach area where she intends on continuing teaching and sharing her gifts, empowering others with real tools so they can create their desired results.

Joe Petroski

Joe Petroski is a psychic and energy healer that found his gift by overcoming certain death. Joe has trained with a 35th Generation Shaolin Master and has been invited to be in many Native American Ceremonies. Joe’s ability to connect with Spirit and to see your complete energy field facilitates profound healings. He can see your subconscious mind, its powers and blocks providing quick and profound changes in all areas of your life! He has been coaching and healing clients for 17yrs. He helps eliminate pain, illness, allergies, migraines and much more.

Joseph LoBrutto

Joseph LoBrutto III was named as One Of The Best Psychic Mediums in Florida. Internationally renowned, Author and Radio Host Joseph LoBrutto III is truly a legitimate, gifted Certified Psychic Medium. He is one of the top-ranked psychic mediums in FL He uses his gifts for the healing of those who are grieving, creating a genuine, loving bridge to the departed. Joseph is listed as one of the best psychics on MediumChannel.com, is a featured psychic on American Association of Psychics and the Bob Olson Best Psychic Directory. Joseph helps people gain meaningful insights and practical  advice. Discover a fresh, unbiased perspective as amazing and accurate information begins to flow. As an author and channel, Joseph is able to communicate with The Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, and spiritual beings as he channels their messages to you in his new book Is There More To Life Than What We Know? and the host of "Journey of Life Radio" on Blogtalk Radio. Visit psychicmediumjoseph.com.

Maya Malay

Maya Malay has been teaching and counseling individuals for over 20 yrs, couples and groups. She has a Masters degree in Theology, is a Pastoral Counselor, Loving Relationships Trainer and is ordained in Vajrayana Buddhism as a Ngakma. Maya has appeared on several television and radio shows, speaking about  Meditation,  it’s use for stress relief, building harmonious relationships, dream- study, Past-life Regression and Buddhism. She has been interviewed by The Palm Beach Post, Yoga Journal and Tricycle Magazine. Maya has a peaceful way of teaching that provides more insight than the words she uses.  With loving support  Maya counsels, conducts ceremonies, leads retreats and facilitates seminars.

Mary Ellens Collins

Mary Ellen is an intuitive and a professional certified tarot reader and crystal diviner who has been reading and teaching tarot and crystal oracle classes for over 10 years. She specializes in using cards and crystals to read the energy patterns in the field of probability. No future is set in stone, but the art of divination enables us to get a sense of what is most likely to occur. During your reading, you will partner with her for guidance from your own higher self as manifested through the cards or crystals in order to gain clarity and focus for the events in your life.

Randy Miller

Randy is an inspiring, dynamic and energetic NIA Instructor who shares the spirit and joy of  movement with each of his students. In his hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1997, Randy discovered Nia and reconnected with his playful-childlike dancer within him that had been lost for too long. Two short years later, he became a licensed Nia Instructor and has been teaching ever since. Randy’s passion to share the Nia body of work has inspired him to deepen his knowledge of the body’s physiology and its connection to the mind and spirit. He regularly attends international trainings and workshops which facilitate his talents for creating unique, soulful, and liberating movement experiences.

Tess Tetrault

Tess is an Energy Healer and Intuitive Psychic Medium. A 'Near Death Experience' awakened her psychic gifts giving her premonitions and foresight into the future. At the age of 18, she received the gift of the Holy Spirit. She continued her teachings to others to learn the signs that their loved ones leave for them. She has studied psychic development and mediumship with the world’s most respected and well-known mediums for over 15 years as well as past life regressions with Dr. Brian Weiss. She continues her studies to this day and feels our learning is never finished. Her Philosophy is “There is a great amount of healing that takes place when we receive messages from our loved ones in spirit. I have witnessed the healing, and transformations.” She also believes that people are born with a sixth sense to help them navigate life. That faculty can be cultivated to enhance it’s usefulness for ourselves and others. Tess channels loving energy and messages from St. Germaine, White Feather, and Archangel Gabriel. 

Tara Hoffman

The healing and transformative power of crystals has enriched Tara's life in multiple ways. Through a series of events, crystals found her (not the other way around). This journey has taken her to Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Kauai where she has studied under and is certified as a Crystal Healing Practitioner and teacher by Katrina Raphaell and The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. She is certified in Level I Shamanic Healing through the teachings of Shaman Victor Barron. She holds a BA in music and M.Ed. in Education.