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Emergence Breath

We are proud to be the premier destination for Emergence Breath in South Florida. We offer breathwork classes weekly and frequently offer an extended Embrace Your Super Powers weekend program.

Participants usually state that a session of Emergence Breath is a type of “inner turning point” for them and one of the most powerful experiences they’ve ever had. We highly recommend you give a session a try and see what doors it will open for you. Check out our YouTube page for detailed information about breathwork. 

Sign up for your next class on our Events page! 

About The Embrace Your SuperPowers Program

Unleash your joy and passion, grab your cape, a pillow, and let’s fly together. 

This weekend you will experience four full facilitated Emergence Breath Sessions and two Express Breath Sessions.

That’s a lot of wind under your cape. Using the Emergence Breath, we will help and support you in harnessing your Super Powers and the potential of your own breath.

Learn to gracefully heal or clear the issues stored in your physical, mental, and emotional body weighing you down. As you clear the lifedraining holding patterns in your body, energy flows more freely. This higher vibrational free-flowing energy supports you in integrating or clearing held limitations, self-sabotage behaviors and confusion (dis-ease) often stored in the unconscious and physical body. 

Over this weekend, you will automatically reach higher states of consciousness (spirit), feel more peaceful, lighter, expanded, connected and more joyous. Come experience your full self-worth and perfection!

What Super Powers would you once again utilize and exercise? Be an adult and still be magical! 

About The Radical Sabbatical Weekend

You are your greatest investment and this is the journey that you have been waiting to undertake!

Allow 6 days for the fullest exploration and expansion of You in your life. Discover fun, freedom and empowerment while redefining the word “miracle” and its daily applications.

  • Your Radical Sabbatical will include:

    • Optimum Health Techniques. 
    • Daily Facilitated Breath Sessions.
    • Toning & Sound Exercises.
    • Integrating and Clearing
    • Repression and Suppressions. 
    • Pranic Healing. 
    • Channeled Guided Visualizations.
    • Integrating Your Shadow.
    • Breath and Movement for Awakening.
    • Breath Evaluation.
    • Advanced Communication Dyads. 
    • Forgiveness Exercise. 
    • Meet your Future Self.
    • Group Play Therapy... and much more!

This course is the first step in becoming certified in one of the most powerful self-healing modalities in the world today.

Jamar is the owner and Spiritual Director of The Jamar Enlightenment Center located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

He is the Creator of the Emergence Breath Method, a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner, Meditation teacher, Life-Support facilitator, Certified Rebirthed, Pranic Healer, and Enlightenment Master.

His spiritual quest encompasses over 34+ years of experience in the self-help field and was the natural evolution of his own inner search for Truth. He has taught over 10,000 yoga classes and facilitated another 3000 workshops, events, and retreats. He brings a contagious enthusiasm and love for the gift of yoga and conscious breathing, sharing it as a way to connect with your Higher Self. He supports all who have a desire to wake up and have a direct experience of the Truth for themselves…Enlightenment

Refund Policy
Tuition deposits and payments for Emergence Breath Events become Transferable but are Not Refundable upon 7 days prior notice for a 3 day event or 10 days prior notice for a 7 day event.

  • Can transfer the funds to a future event of the same type (e.g. Seminar for another Seminar)
  • Event must be lead by the same Senior Trainer
  • Transfer is valid for 12 months (time extensions permitted if no other applicable events is offered within 12 months)
  • Not transferable to another person
  • Upgrades: May be transferred to an “upgraded event” (e.g. from 3 day Embrace Your Superpowers to 6 day Personal Seminar Levels 1, 2, 3)
  • Non-Tuition Payments such as food, accommodations, and travel expenses are made to third parties and thus refunds/credits are dependent upon policy of the venue, hotel, airline, rental car company, etc.