Selenite Charging Plate + 7 Chakra Stones

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Selenite Charging Plate + 7 Chakra Stones
One Polished Selenite
Crystal Charging Plate and
7 Chakra Healing Stones

The included 7 Chakra Crystals can be used to align your Chakras, and when not in use, they're constantly being charged on the charging tray.
Chakra Placement:

• Clear Quartz - Higher Crown - (Place above head) Master Healer, Amplification
• Chevron Amethyst - Crown - (Place on top of head) Balance, Harmony, Inspiration
• Blue Lapis - Brow/Third Eye - (Place on forehead) Communication, Strength, Intuition
• Green Aventurine - Heart - (Place over heart) Healing, Abundance, Growth
• Pyrite - Solar Plexus - (Place above the navel) Prosperity, Opportunity, Manifestation
• Red Opal - Sacral - (Place below the navel) Inner-Fire, Personal Power
• Garnet - Base - (Place at the base of the spine) Energy, Regeneration, Hope

Selenite is a high energy crystal. This cluster brings the protective element of the universal life force to you in a powerful way. This is a "home stone" formation. Put it in a central place in your house to both guard it physically, and to cleanse and bring spiritual protection to the home.

The oval shape is becoming quite popular in that it is easy to hold without tiring the hand muscles. Perfect indentation to allow the user to place their thumb on the surface to feel the powerful grounding connection to the Universal Life Force present inside the natural stone. Like a stress ball, rubbing your thumb along the indentation provides relief from daily stress and anxiety that constrict our full potential as beings of energy and light. 

These crystals are primarily used as talismans to dispel feelings of worry and self-doubt. They will help you rid yourself of the negative energy that worry builds up in your aura. Use this crystal formation in your home to dispel a negative energy environment. Feel its power to lift your spirits as if it is casting your worries into the wind. We suggest you place this in the bright sunlight (not direct sun, but a bright area) each day to keep it fully charged.