Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Empowering you to find your own inner healer, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy will guide you back to your inner resources. Based on the belief that true healing takes place from the inside out, a PRYT session combines the ancient science of yoga with elements of contemporary body/mind psychology. You will move into carefully selected yoga postures with the support of your PRYT practitioner. Here, with awareness focused on the sensations in your body, you will enter into dialogue, listening with compassion and awareness to the wisdom of the body.

Transformational Breath® 
A profound and deeply transformative breathing process that helps identify, reprogram or release negative core beliefs or behaviors replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Used in conjunction with individual sharing and appropriate affirmations, your session is intended to be a life altering experience. Special areas of impact include; spiritual growth, emotional clearing, shifting life direction, addictions and compulsions, processing grief, stress reduction, releasing your joy.

Energy work. Pranic Healing
Pranic healing is an ancient healing technique using the power of your own intention as well as the practitioner as a channel, directing energy and life-force towards blocks or imbalances in your body/mind to facilitate healing, increase vitality, reduce stress, experience peace, relaxation, well-being and personal growth. Learn to perceive your own energy field as a means of enhancing self-care and awaken yourself to new levels of self-healing and spiritual growth.
Your session will include: discussion of what areas of your life and body that you would like support in, gentle assisted stretching to prepare your body/mind for receiving, an overall energetic assessment, followed by channeling of energy to a specific areas, closing suggestion for practical integration into your life.

Life-Support. Spiritual Counseling
Receive one-on-one attention and support in those ever-changing day-to-day situations we call Life. Learn to integrate these experiences in a natural, safe and caring environment. Work through challenges in work, health and relationship with Self and others. Achieve spiritual growth through identifying areas where you are stuck (that which keeps you from enjoying/achieving inner peace and harmony), and then learn how to release or shift. Let yourself be supported.


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