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Full Moon Finale (Music by Sarah Solstice) w/Sarah Solstice & Devin Lucretia. The Source Faucet Crew

Full Moon Finale / (Music by Sarah Solstice)

Celebrate in a finale of Ceremony, Remembrance, and Integration.

This August moon is known as the, “Moon When All Things Ripen” by the Dakotah Sioux.

We gather to cultivate the highest visions coming to fruition for you. Feel your network, we are here in active support of your success.

Align with your most celebrated self through ceremony and ritual as the light of the moon welcomes that which is uncovered to enter into the open. Together we investigate what is coming to the surface on a collective level and root in our ability to easily solve all issues. A Pisces moon supports our ability to forgive ourselves and others, give up suffering, and embody the stable love that is our natural identity.

Finally, we move into a celebration of the truths that are being illuminated. We support a full anchoring into the reality that is you. Invite yourself back home into the heaven that your heart perpetually offers. Party!

We close with a live performance by Sarah Solstice, relax or dance along.

 6-8PM Cost $50 or $45 by 8/25 Register Online

Weekend Price (Saturday & Sunday) $80 Call to sign up 561-630-2280