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Warrior Comics Expansion Session w/Sarah Solstice & Devin Lucretia. The Source Faucet Crew

Warrior Comics Expansion Session

Expand with the moon... into Comedy.

- Do you “Get It” ? - Because you definitely deserve it.

- Develop your natural ability to employ comedy in all situations.

- Uncover underlying truths, expose “jokes” and false programmings that lie at the root of all difficulties. The false programs are literally “lying” there.

- Grab what we call “The Thalia Ticket”. Thalia = The muse of comedy.

- See into truths clearly, see why “Heaven is a blast and the lies cannot last”.

The Pisces Full Moon is an ideal time to watch for “signs”. Throughout this workshop we learn to keep our inner and outer eyes focused on the comedy show. It’s constantly running for us, we learn to tune in. Recognize situations as a welcoming back into reality, into your power. Step into your role to provide the comic relief for yourself and others. Join our cosmic Stand Up. Together we step out of hell and into hilarity. Fun.

Party perpetually throughout, of course.

We enjoy this course.

6-8PM Cost $50 or $45 by 8/24 Register Online
Weekend Package ( Saturday & Sunday ) $80 Call to Purchase 561-630-2280