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The Psychic Bootcamp Workshop w/Denise Lescano

  • Jamar Enlightment Center (map)

Saturday and Sunday, October 20th - 21St
The Psychic Bootcamp Workshop w/Denise Lescano International Psychic Medium

 The Psychic Boot Camp is an introductory workshop designed to meet the needs of a complete Beginner to the more advanced person already aware of and using their intuitive abilities. Everyone is born with intuition and psychic abilities. This class is designed to guide and awaken the participant in “discovering” what their own unique innate psychic abilities are, learn how to develop them and put them to good use in practical and effective ways for the enhancement of daily living. This is a hands on, intensive and interactive class with roughly 70% of class time used for students to work directly with partners performing various psychic development exercises. The participants will explore, experience & learn about: All the psychic senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience & clairambience. How to Clear, Ground & Protect their own energy. How to prepare psychic tools & space before intuitive/healing work. Psychometry, Photo & Billets Reading, the Pendulum, Automatic Writing. The differences between a Psychic & a Medium. Guided Meditation, Mental Mediumship for Spirit Communication, How to connect with their own Spirit Guides. Participants will discover & identify what their individual psychic/intuitive abilities are, how to develop them & which tools are best suited for them to work with. Come and join us for an amazing journey of self-discovery! **This Workshop is an Introduction to the Professional Psychic Medium/Healer Training and Certification Course that Denise has developed and taught since 2010 in the US and Tokyo, Japan.

Sat & Sun. 10-5PM Both days Cost $550 or $499 by 10/13
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About Denise: 

Denise Lescano is a Professional Psychic & Spirit Medium, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Consultant & Reiki Master. She is widely respected and known best for reuniting people with their loved ones on “the spirit side of life” with a rock-solid reputation for having very clear communication with the spirit world, providing very personal, detailed and “evidential” messages from loved ones. She has been giving Readings for over 20 years and is sought after for her very accurate and insightful “Psychic Readings” and Professional Intuitive Consulting Services for Business, Personal and Health issues.

Her Professional References as a Psychic Medium are unparalleled in the Psychic Community. Her work is groundbreaking and unusual and includes working with many respected non-profit organizations since 2004. Denise is THE FIRST and ONLY Psychic Medium to have ever worked in Victim’s Advocacy Groups, directly with Mental Health Counselors and Doctors. Denise has created a precedent in Mental Health and Counseling and continues to volunteer countless hours, and is committed to donating her time and talents to various “Victim’s Advocacy” causes which include working with; Mental Health Professionals in Grief Support Groups for Suicide, Homicide and Sudden death, Addiction Recovery Groups, Veterans families & Wounded Warriors, Scientists & Researchers, Law Enforcement Agents, Detectives & Attorneys on local and federal levels in the US and abroad. Denise is often called upon to investigate and resolve Hauntings. She gives Seminars all over the world and is author of The Messenger which was *Awarded “Top 10 Book on Freado and Bookbuzzr*.

Denise is often called upon to investigate and resolve Hauntings. She gives Seminars all over the world and is author of The Messenger which was *Awarded “Top 10 Book on Freado and Bookbuzzr*. Denise has been an Instructor on Staff for “Synchronicity Japan, Inc” since 2010, a 25 yr old Center for higher learning in Tokyo, Japan where she traveled to teach her courses and consult with Japanese Clients.