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ProFOund Power Healing Event w/Joe Petroski

In this 2 hour workshop, Psychic Healer and Reader Joe Petroski will teach you 4 very powerful techniques to calm your mind, increase your clear thinking, eliminate agitation and increase physical strength. You will instantly experience increased physical, emotional and spiritual power.  Joe’s ability to help you connect to your inner guidance is very powerful! Feeling your true yes and no even when under duress will be powerful tools to help you in everyday decisions in career and relationships! Joe’s healing work eliminates pain, illness, allergies and migraines even when nothing has worked in the past. Joe has trained with a 35th Generation Shaolin Master and has participated in many Native American Ceremonies. These trainings have opened him to seeing and hearing Spirit and seeing people’s entire energetic field. Joe’s life was saved from certain death due to the energy healing he now facilitates for others.  6:30-8:30PM Cost $45 or $35 by 4/27 Register Online