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Crystal Mastery Series w/Alexandra Andrews (2Wks)

Come join me for a fun and exploitive class and learn about the mystical world of crystals. Learn about crystal origins, birthplaces, the significance of shapes, forms and their unique energetic contributions to your life and the world. Each week we will delve into a specific class and category of these gemmy gifts from the earth. Pulling from the largest collection of crystals in Florida, you will have eyes on and hands on examples. Come expecting to have fun, to learn, expand, and to be amazed! Alexandra Andrews LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher. As co-buyer for the Jamar Enlightenment Center since 2016, has helped to purchase over $250,000 of crystals, a student of master teacher Lazaris since 2005. (2Wks) 7-8:30PM Cost $90 or $75by 3/21 Register Online