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SPECIAL EVENT - Voyager Reader Certification w/James Wanless Ph.D.

Learn the basics for how to use Voyager, the best-selling Deck known as "The Success Psychology for the 21st Century." This Training Includes the COMPLIMENTARY "Mindful Voyager," the latest book by James Wanless, Ph.D., author and creator of Voyager and Master Reader. We go through the entire Deck to understand this multi-layered, archetypal and holistic "Map of the Psyche."  We practice how to apply the Cards to yourself for self-counseling and for counseling others. Now is your opportunity to experience the magic of international trainer and futurist, James Wanless. This is an amazing opportunity to acquire a growth path for fulfilling your potentials to be all that you are meant to be.  In your hands, you have a tool for adroit decision-making, skillful creativity, and right livelihood. More than old world fortune-telling, Voyager Tarot is an empowering, proactive process of manifestation. James Wanless, Ph.D. is the creator of Voyager, author of many tarot books, Master Reader for 35 years, and international trainer and speaker leading the way, you are guaranteed to have an insightful, playful, friendly and expansive experience. Certification requires an additional 15 hours of doing actual consultations. 9-5PM Cost $135 or $125 by 2/23. Register online