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An Enlightened Humanity Circle™ Event: A Group Akashic Records Reading w/Lily Winsaft & Bonnie Sax

Join Bonnie Sax and Lily Winsaft, Co-Founders of The 8th Chakra Company, which is dedicated to helping us all master what it is to be human. They take everyday conversations to a new high-level frequency by tapping into the Akashic Realm and invoking its infinite wisdom and guidance. Explore questions like, “What is Love?” “How Can I Attract My Soul Mate?” “How Can I Better Understand the Relationships that Trigger Me?” Meet The Light Beings in the Akashic Realm that are here to help guide us in this journey! Learn about Karma, your relationship agreements, and connect with Joy, Abundance, and Love. Bonnie and Lily are both gifted Akashic Records readers and are passionate about the Enlightened Humanity Circle™, a community of like-hearted souls on a path towards high-frequency consciousness. 7-9PM Cost $40 or $35 by 1/29 Register Online - Register Online