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Intro to Meditation w/Jamar (3 Week Series)

Don’t just do something, sit there! Are you usually meeting yourself coming and going? Are you under the impression that you are not “good” at meditating? This 3-week meditation course offers something for everyone as we discuss and explore experientially various ways to meditate. We will practice each form together so that you might find something that fits your personality and lifestyle. We will also explore the workings of the mind, and how to quiet it, the benefits of meditation and its positive life-giving effect on your life. Some other benefits include learning to: breathe fully and naturally, recognize when you are holding stress and how to release it, access and release your creative side, master yogic deep sleep techniques, focus the mind and improve concentration, be present in the moment, tap into your natural joy. 7-8:30PM Cost $85 or $70 by 1/17 - Register Online