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EMF Protection and Remediation w/Gary Greenleaf

Electromagnetic frequencies permeate our lives thoroughly and our bodies must deal with the stress continuously.  EMF exposure from cell phones, wireless networks, cell towers, HD televisions, smart meters and more can cause many health challenges for all of us.  The key is to minimize our exposure, live in an environment that supports our health, and to use new cutting edge technology to our advantage. In this lecture learn: 1) About all sources of EMF in our modern world. 2)  Understand the biological effects of EMF. 3) Simple steps you can take to minimize EMF exposure. 4) How to use a smart phone safely. 5) Natural sunlight vs artificial light? 6) Learn about neutralization and the Geo-Safe System from Germany. Gary has passionately spent the last fifteen years studying, implementing and sharing knowledge of natural health strategies that work. 7-8:30PM Cost $30 or $25 by 11/8 - Register Online