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Private Healing Sessions w/Avilone Bailey

Avilone is the founder of the Emotional Relief Catalyst™ energy healing modality.  This modality is a no-touch technique in which the benefits are immediate and continue with time. Through her Inner Guidance, she connects with others on spiritual and emotional levels, and by doing so, is able to navigate and clear unhealthy energies that are the result of traumas and other strong emotional experiences. With a calm, peaceful and loving approach, her clients are relieved of the effects of childhood traumas, hurtful relationships, abusive experiences and toxic emotions. Her clients have been relieved of migraines, chronic back pain, and even past life karma as well as unhealthy behaviors, relationships, thought patterns and beliefs. In addition, she’s been a nurse for over 25 years, has a Master's Degree and has conducted classes, presentations and training sessions. 11-3PM Cost 30 min/$65, 60 min/$120 Register Online