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Learn How to Communicate With Loved Ones on the Other Side w/Joan Balarezo Passeggio, Internationally Known 5th Generation Psychic/Medium

How can we be more open to receive messages from Spirit? Joan will help each class member in the unfolding their spiritual gifts. She will share tips, tricks, and practices that will strengthen your mediumship abilities.  Learn techniques that will allow you to communicate with beings on the other side and spirit beings. This class is designed for those who want to enhance their psychic abilities, be connected to their loved ones, or use these mediumship techniques in their own work. Joan is well known in New York as being a Psychic Medium and has assisted the Police for years in solving cases and hosted a popular talk radio show for several years. She has also traveled the world with other master teachers with her healing work. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $30 or $25 by 10/24