Kevin Lopez

Kevin Lopez is a tarot reader, cartomancer, astrologer, herbalist, and yoga teacher.  As a card reader and astrologer, Kevin draws from his broad experience and knowledge to provide guidance to assist the client in making important life decisions and guidance in helping the client emotionally process major live events.  For Kevin, the client is the King or Queen of their life, and Kevin is the minister or court advisor.  Kevin’s job is to offer wise advice to the court, but it is up to the King or Queen to make the final decision about how to rule their kingdom.

Kevin interprets the cards drawing from his knowledge of astrology, numerology, mathematics, visual semiotics (the study of signs), and the history of the suit symbols.  His favorite Tarot deck is the Herbal Tarot as it allows him to teach and share about herbs in the context of a Tarot reading.  He has also recently begun offering combined Kipper Card/Tarot readings as Kipper proves itself to be an excellent resource for understanding and guiding relationship dynamics alongside Tarot.

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