Claudia Marrero

Claudia Marrero has dedicated her life to the world of transformation and elevating consciousness. She is a catalyst and magnifying glass for people’s “higher gifts” to expand.  Allowing you the ability to create & manifest Peace,

Happiness and Self-Fulfillment.

Her grandmother read tea-leaves, her mother had prognosticating dreams.  Her young mother left all family in Colombia and moved to NY.   Claudia grew up an only child yet never felt alone.  Claudia was aware of her angelic and spirit animal realm.   Animals would follow her home and stay around.   In her pursuit to understand how the world works, she became a  Biomedical Electrical Engineer.  This later was a perfect bridge to understanding the Quantum/Metaphysical & Spiritual realm. 

Her son reconnected her to the Angelic realm and with her intuition and wisdom brings enchantment to how amazing this life can be.  She studied under several world masters, a Shaman- disciple of Thich Nan Han and was a participant in a Harvard Reiki research study bringing more credibility and science to these healing and energetic modalities. This combination  makes her and her students extremely powerful healers

She is a ReikiMaster Teacher,  Certified Angel Messenger Practitioner,  Certified Health Coach, Ontological Life Coach, & Trainer.  She’s teaches Universal Law, & ACIM.  Her practices bridges the ego, the 3D realm with the spiritual -5D paradigm.  Using a variety of both scientific and spiritual realms she allows you to discover your inner guidance system with safety and confidence.  Her clients and students feel refreshed, empowered and magical!